New Feature Survey

Checkpoint Solutions can provide numerous services to your organization. Below are just a few. As a valued client, your thoughts and opinions about these products and offerings are very important to us.

As we strive to be progressive and innovative, your feedback helps us realize not only where your company priorities lie, but also where we should focus our efforts, dollars and manpower to help you succeed at your endeavors in the quickest, most efficient manner.

Please take a moment to review each of the services below and mark how interested you would be in that service. Thank you in advance!

HR Module

Manage new hires, existing employees and take new applicants from your existing WordPress site! Manage your entire workforce right from Salesforce!

Installer Checklist/Bandwidth Test

Allows for Techs/Customer Care to be in complete sync during the installation process. Techs can report installed inventory and use built-in speed test data. Customer Care receives detailed glance of installation elements.

NID Relocation

Provides the ability to handle instances of customers looking to move their NID to another location at their home or for work to be done to their home. Allows for documentation notes from the customer record to tech and vice versa. Chatter is also enabled, so pictures of the move can also be captured.

Calix Marketing Cloud

Import your Calix Marketing Cloud data and tie the information directly to the customer’s signup.


Needing feedback after a customer is installed? Use our CheckPoint survey function to send professional surveys using automated processes to save time and money!

Mobile Support for Sales/Customer Care

Want to empower your workforce to use mobile devices instead of carrying around a laptop? Salesforce1 Mobile App brings the power of Salesforce to the tablet/cell phones level. Perfect for door-to-door salesmen, field techs installing hardware, or agents taking contactless payments.

OTT Training and IOT Sales Management

With the future of TV moving more towards streaming, our platform is ready to help you succeed. Since we have been assisting with OTT services for over 2 years now, we are happy to share the tips, tricks, and lessons we have learned.

OBSS / OSS Integrations

We are very aware of the demand for more meaningful integrations with several Billing Vendors. Please let us know which billing vendor you use so we can express request frequency and need to them.

Emergency Broadband Benefit

Streamline the application process by capturing customer information and then categorizing and tracking applicants through phases of validation. Monitor each stage from initiation to receival of credit. Perfect for tracking documentation, form follow-up, and recordkeeping.

CheckPoint Solutions App

Improve your customer experience with a custom branded mobile app. The 24/7 digital interface delivers real-time communication about construction progress, service availability, outages, next steps or special offers directly to the customer.

Fiber Availability Database for Realtors

Equip local realtors with the tools they need to quickly check fiber availability to promote your fiber services to potential homeowners, follow fiberhood phase progression, and increase your joint sales.
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