Bridging the Gap Between Data and Actionable Data

To reduce risk – To clarify customer commitment – To educate frontline employees – To speed ROI – To track marketing effectiveness – To move you forward


At CheckPoint Solutions we pride ourselves as a single source solution for all of your deployment needs. CheckPoint offers a full spectrum of services to help organizations work better.

Reduce Risk

Extract and analyze data you can depend on from proven models we’ve perfected to help you succeed.

Speed ROI

Accelerate your payback on buildouts and expand marketing opportunities with drill-down data capabilities.

Clarify Customer Commitment

Gauge commitment levels based off of real time engagement in designated mapped areas primed for deployment.

Marketing Effectiveness

Target efforts and control market spend with custom dashboards derived by harnessing interest and calculating penetration rates.

Educate Frontline Employees

Simplify decision making for your staff and keep the data they depend on for customer interactions at their fingertips.

Move You Forward

Step beyond status quo knowing you’ve got the tools to confidently execute your plans!

About Us

Our platform bridges the void that exists between just having data and using data

CheckPoint Solutions is literally your long awaited strategic compass to direct operational success.

CheckPoint Solutions transitions raw data to actionable intelligence fueling efficiency through automation, growth through demand generation and employee empowerment, and expansion through strategic direction and faster ROI. Facts. Proof. Solid evidence upon which to base complex business decisions, regardless of the technology you use to deliver services.

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About Us
  • " There is no way that we would have been able to manage our fiber roll out without CheckPoint. They have been a huge help in getting everything lined out for deployment. "

    Paula Monari

    MidCentury Fiber
  • " CheckPoint enables us to make intelligent and informed decisions about our fiber build out. The system is infinitely flexible and the customer service is second to none. "

    Caleb Pashia

    Phynx Fiber
  • CheckPoint Solutions has allowed us to show customers where we are installing fiber and to facilitate sign-ups in those areas. The ability for someone to enter their address on the site and see if they are in one of our designated Fiberhoods has saved us what would otherwise have been hundreds of phone calls. Checkpoint allows us to be transparent with the public about our plans to expand our network and it gives them a way to tell us about their interest.

    Kim Billimoria

    Silver Star Communications

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